The first level control (FLC) is at the national level carried out by a public administrative body –Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, which is the Slovenian national authority for the transnational programmes.
Administrative control covers 100% of expenditures. Original invoices or documents of similar probative value must be submitted with the financial and activity report.
The controllers actively communicate with the project partners to get appropriate information and documents. Licensed internal auditors help resolve delicate issues. In case of doubt, the first level controllers consult with the JTS staff.

On the spot checks
The on-the-spot checks complement the 100% administrative checks. They are carried out by a Slovenian first level controller, who may be assisted by an internal auditor.
The aim of on the spot checking is to verify:
- the reality and the eligibility of the expenditures,
- the existence of management project structures,
- physical evidences and project results in compliance with the contractual stipulations,
- the completeness of documentation and the audit trail,
- taking into account European and national rules on publicity and public procurement.

On-the-spot checks follow each category of documents (activity reports, validation forms, etc.) from beginning to the end of the project, thereby avoiding overlaps and focussing on cumulative results.

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